Charming wine festival

Discover the various white and red wines as well as the new vintages of the Popphof quality wines. From sparkling, fruity, juicy to full-bodied and elegant, this is how our stylish, fine wines from Marlengo are presented.

June 2, 2023 from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m
• Live music by SIMPLE MEN
• Culinary delights from the butcher Pföstl Algund
Large car park (free) in the village center, 2 minutes from the Popphof
It takes place in every weather

The winegrowing family Menz, Andreas, Elisabeth and Katharina is looking forward to seeing you.

We are happy to answer any further questions.

Phone +39 0473 447 180


Prize-winning wines
  • SELECTION Mainz 2021 – 2019 Moscato giallo IGT (4 stars), 2019 Rosé IGT (4 stars), 2016 Südtiroler Merlot DOC (3 stars), 2018 Südtiroler Lagrein DOC (4 stars)

  • VINI BUONI D’ITALIA 2021 – 2019 Meranese DOC Alto Adige, (3 stars), 2019 Moscato Giallo Classico Dolomiti IGT (3 stars)

  • ONAV/GUIDA PROSIT – 2019 Schiava Meranese DOC Alto Adige (1st place)

  • GENUSS WEINVERKOSTUNG – 2018 Lagrein DOC Alto Adige (excellent), 2019 Schiava Meranese DOC (very good)

  • MERUM – 2013 Alto Adige Meranese DOC (highest award)

  • Listed in the GAMBERO ROSSO Guida Vini d’Italia guide to Italian wines
New panoramic outdoor pool

Our new outdoor pool is now sparkling in the sun at the Popphof Winery, set amongst our thick and luxurious vineyards. Peacefully lying on a sunbed and soaking in the rays in a light breeze as your eyes wander over the splendid view is in itself a special treat. We wish you happy holidays with us at Marlengo!

Relax in the garden
Enjoy noble wine outdoors
A new vintage in the bottle!

Every year, usually in spring when we bottle the wine, the viticulturist Andreas Menz sets up the mobile bottling line and together with his well-trained team packs about 25,000 bottles into cartons that are then stacked up in the warehouse.

Wine bottling at the Popphof

In 2014, the WeinGutFest – The Viticulturists’ Fair - of Marlengo was held for the first time at the Popphof Winery. Andreas Menz, one of its founders, organized with his team a very special kind of fair during which four Merano-based producers presented their star wines that included sparkling and fruity whites, fascinating rosés, exciting reds and, last but not least, opulent sweet wines. And more: the large crowd of visitors also enjoyed lively music and tasted enticing savoury snacks and tempting sweets. This event, that has become an important element of Marlengo’s wine-making culture, is held alternately at the various local wineries.

Wine tasting
The winemakers, 2015
Spending a Sunday at the Mountain Farm

On a lovely Sunday in May of 2016, many South Tyrolean ‘masi’ (mountain farms) opened their doors to visitors to showcase their farming activities and their relevance. One of these seven farms was the Popphof in Marlengo where the Menz family welcomed a highly interested public to visit its wine making and fruit growing undertaking and its winery. Obviously, the event was accompanied by food tastings … All of the farms, in fact, offered an array of delicious regional specialties.

Open day
Fresh and healthy